Doug Craddock, Bear Creek Game Ranch owner, will guide your hunt for a Trophy Whitetail Deer using bow, crossbow, pistol, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader.  

Hunt Southwest Michigan's Premier Whitetail Deer Hunting Preserve

Bear Creek Game Ranch is a privately owned and managed game preserve offering guided hunts for wild game in Southwest Michigan. Set in the rolling hills, woodlands, crop fields, and wetlands of southeastern Kalamazoo County, Bear Creek Game Ranch is home to a managed herd of Whitetail deer and large numbers of ring-necked pheasants.

Owner and Outfitter, Doug Craddock also provides guided hunts on an additional 600+ acres of private land for turkey and one of the most cunning varmints – coyote.

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Bear Creek Game Ranch offers whitetail deer hunts using bow, crossbow, pistol, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader. You can hunt in the comfort of a heated RanchKing® hunting blind, from a tree stand or use the "old school" spot and stalk method – your choice.

Whitetail hunts are based on the size of the deer you are looking to harvest. All hunts are guided and every effort is made to ensure a successful harvest. In fact, if you are not shown a harvestable deer – you pay nothing. Whitetail hunts do not require a separate hunting license.

Pheasant Hunts

These are put-and-take hunts which means you have a guarantee that pheasants are going to be where you're hunting. The birds used in these hunts are not wild birds, but they are good fliers and they will provide you with an exceptional hunting experience. Pheasant hunts require a small game license.

Eastern Turkey Hunts

Booked as a package, this popular Bear Creek Game Ranch option includes arrival late afternoon the day before the hunt in order to recon the area and determine where turkeys are roosting, lodging at the lake cottage, and a crock pot dinner. On the day of the hunt, you'll be provided with a continental breakfast, sack lunch and a guided turkey hunt on some of the most scenic land in the state. Turkey hunts require a hunting license.

Coyote Hunting

The coyote is an opportunistic predator that adapts and survives in almost every area of the state but flourishes where there is an abundance of food, water and cover. Coyote prefer small animals and fruit for their primary food source, but they will also prey on smaller livestock, such as sheep, goats, calves and poultry – which is troublesome in Southwest Michigan's farming country. Coyotes are most likely to be seen during their breeding period, which occurs in Michigan from mid-January into March. Although Coyotes are active day and night, they are most active from sunset to sunrise. All hunts are at night and on private land. A Michigan Hunting License is required.

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